Circuit Breaker Measures

Dear Friends,
Please note that Circuit Breaker measures are in place to protect Singapore residents from the CoVID 19 virus. Hence, do not visit the center till further notice from the ministry of health (MoH). Do stay at home as much as possible. We appreciate everyone's effort in keeping Singapore and society safe.


With Mother's Blessings,
Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore

Membership / Subscription Form

Those who wish to subscribe to our mailing list and/or join as a member, please fill up and submit the form below:

Thank you.

Membership Renewal for 2021 & Subscription to AIM

For 2020, annual members need to pay SGD 60 as their membership subscription to the Society. Those subscribing to the All India Magazine will need to pay an additional SGD 30 for the magazine.
Please send a payable cheque to Sri Aurobindo Society and post it to the Treasurer, Anand Patel at the following address:

Anand Patel
Treasurer – Sri Aurobindo Society
Block 3, Tanah Merah Kechil Road,
# 02-05, The Tanah Merah,
Singapore 466664

You may also physically pay it to him in cash or by passing a cheque to a committee member and letting Anand Patel know, during our activities.